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REAP GREEN TECHNOLOGIES LTD was founded and established to address the
Shortcomings of the citizens of Africa, their knowledge base, practice, demand and usage of renewable energy solutions that is abundantly available in the region.

Business Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy is sustainable, renewable and the most affordable way to power your business and protect the environment. Solar Power Systems offers a high return after initial investments, it curtails expenses on fuel and maintenace services on power equipments all year round. There is no need for purchases on UPS and power guards since a consistent required amount of power flows all day.

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REAP Mission

reap mission‚Äč Reap Green Technologies will produce, manufacture and assemble innovative technology in renewable and alternative energy for the world market. Its specialties will be executed by professionals who are experts in their field.

REAP Vision

reap visionTo be the renewable and alternate energy service provider of choice in Africa by the year 2020 by consistently and effectively supporting the development and growth of these products for African enterprises and citizens using sound market and business practices.

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contact reapGet  in touch with us for the solution to interrupted power supply.

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